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rying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. we had some heavy rainfall this evening and that wasn't even round 3. the timetable of when this heavy rainfall will arrive and when it's finally going to move out. coming up. moving people and homes out of the danger tonight. the river communities bracing tonight for floods. emergency crews kept business on the peninsula during a torrential rain. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. well, here we go again.
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the last drenching round of rain from the triple whammy of moisture coming off the pacific. this last storm moved ashore about dinnertime and many parts of the bay area have been getting soaked ever since. let's get right to chief meteorologist paul deanno for the timing on this last wave of rain. >> what you had this evening appeared to be heavy enough that you may have thought it was that last wave of rainfall but actually it was a couple hours before the main event. hi-def doppler tracked that heavy rainfall all evening long, especially over the peninsula, the bay area, and the richmond-san rafael bridge. just a few light showers along 101, san rafael to mill valley. that is what is going to move through tomorrow night. rainfall total since wednesday, i added them up. five and a half inches of rain for santa rosa. nearly three for san francisco.
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more than two for both oabd oakland and concord. heavy rain tomorrow morning. it will be windy, with urban flooding and street flooding likely. flood warnings are in effect for both the napa river and the russian river. details on what happens after this round 3 coming up in a few minutes. paul just showed us no place in the bay area is dry tonight. the peninsula and the santa cruz were some of the areas that saw plenty of rain. a lot of that wet weather. >> reporter: right now it's kind of light so it's kind of hard for the camera lens to capture the raindrops. take a look at this flooded parking lot. i'm standing in a foot deep of water right now. there's simply nowhere for the water to go, and all across the bay area, you'll see a lot of flooded streets and parking lots just like this one here.
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firefighters pumped water out of this flooded redwood city apartment complex. >> it was up to a foot deep before we got here. we were able to pump it out. >> reporter: they got the water out before it could cause any damage to the interior of the building. the heavy rain kept this crew moving from one trouble spot to another. >> it's been very busy today. a lot of freeway accidents. >> reporter: a pg&e crew was sent to help restore power, but they needed help themselves after a large oak tree fell on top of their truck. it happened friday night on stevens canyon road. no one was hurt, since the workers were working away from the truck. >> it was bad luck, really, but the drivers said it's the second time it happened to them, so you kind of do feel it's a big dangerous. when it does storm up here, you think a tree is gonna come through your house any second, so it can get scary.
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>> reporter: james decided to trim the trees around his house after this one fell on his driveway today. but he says that's part of living in the mountains. >> it's really not that bad. everybody has a stand-by generator. >> reporter: the rain has made parts of the santa cruz mountains very danger, because of dead trees like this one right here. it fell down right in front of me, about 15 away from my car. a live look at this flooded parking lot in redwood city. with more rain on the way, this pool of water will only expand tomorrow morning. as for the santa cruz mountains, the national weather service issued a flash flood watch up for the santa cruz mountains. that will expire 10:00 tomorrow night. live in redwood city, cbs 5. three rivers to the north are being watched closely tonight, the napa and russian rivers are both under flood warnings and officials say the
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petaluma river could also overflow its banks. don is in napa. >> reporter: it has been raining all effect and is continuing to rain -- all evening and is continuing to rain now. it's the rain to the north of here up by st. helena where rain is accumulating in the canyons and the creeks and coming down this way. people are waiting now, people who are concerned about living in the low-lying areas, they're going to bed tonight with some sense of confidence. others are still working to protect their property. crews were working into the night to remove about three dozen cottaged mounted on mobile home frames from the river point resort. the rising rivers cut short vacations for guests. so far, the napa river remains within its banks but it's expected to flood near st. helena tomorrow around noon. folks in rural areas and even
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parts of napa aren't taking any chances. city trucks delivered 50 tons of sand to this lot at first street and freeway drive and folks were filling bags as quickly as the sand came in. folks june and her husband. >> the situation is i live on a creek. we had a big rain, as you know, thursday night and the water came up to almost the top of the retaining wall. so we decided sandbags were a good idea for tonight. >> are you afraid the water might come over the wall? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: city officials wrapped up a meeting to discuss flooding. >> at this point, if the projections of the rainfall totals are accurate, we're probably looking at street flooding, intersections being flooded, nothing terribly serious. and i say that with a caveat. >> reporter: a caveat meaning
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don't let us yet. folks who know they live in trouble spots are busy tonight trying to make sure they stay dry. now, city and county officials will meet once again in the morning to do their c alculations. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec checked on other troublesome areas. >> the river can rise like before you know it. >> reporter: from rushing rivers to vineyards submerged in the overflow, the north bay is on edge over a flood warning now in effect. >> i feel okay. i know i might have some late- night work to do. >> reporter: but just how serious it is depends on who you ask. >> well, they're thinking it's gonna happen this year and this early in the season. >> and this river is coming up. >> reporter: we've seen a lot of sights like this one around
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the north bay. this bridge is still passable but you can see the water here, just flirting with the possibility of closing it down, and it's not gonna take much. in petaluma, people are aware of the flooding risk, even when willow brook creek looks like this. >> i started thinking, what will i do? let's see. i'll get up. i'll put that on and that on, grab my coat. >> reporter: others are tired of the premature worries. >> they're just waiting for a disaster to happen. are you waiting for us to flood? >> reporter: back in guerneville, the russian river is expected to reach three to four feet above flood stage, enough to close roads and flood homes. but fire officials say it won't cause major damage until it hits 40 feet. flood stage is 32. >> everybody has seen it before if they've lived here for a long time. if they haven't, listen to what everybody is telling you. be prepared. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs 5. pg&e is staying ahead
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of the power outages. tonight, only 53 homes are without power in the north bay. a total of 20 homes in the south bay and peninsula. still, pg&e says it's been very busy. >> we've been working almost 16 hours. it's been a fairly long night. there's still lots of outages. >> pg&e says it's been helped by the lull in the storm systems. it's allowed crews to get out and make prepares and prepare for the next storm. chp says it's also been busy. they have dealt with dozens of accidents and fender benders, including this jackknifed big rig in san bernardino. and you can always stay ahead of the storm with our interactive hi-def doppler radar. it's only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at well, checking some bay area headlines, police have released a composite sketch of
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a monte sereno murder suspect. this is the man investigators suspect of killing a 66-year- old millionaire, raveesh kumar kumra, on friday. his wife called to report intruders. she had been beaten and her husband killed. police are not saying how many were involved or what was taken. investigators in san francisco are trying to figure out how a man's body ended up on muni tracks. the body was found near the at&t parking lot at the mission bay neighborhood this morning. officers are treating it as a vehicle collision. but they don't know if a car or a muni train was involved. and a san francisco landmark has been gutted by fire. smoke was reported at the old pool house for the old fleishhacker pool near the zoo about 1:00. the building has been abandoned for years, so firefighters didn't try to save it. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. a bay area neighborhood,
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super saturated even before the storm. so residents are keeping a close eye on the hill above. and rain replacing snow, and the fear, the very real threat of severe flooding near truckee. hi-def doppler doesn't show a drop of rain on it. i'll show you when that is going to happen, because right now there is a lot of rain on it. forecast is next. you won't take my life.
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more hea people of one da it might get bigger and the debris and all the trees falling down, so that's a worry. >> more heavy rain. not what the people at one daly city neighborhood need. a hillside slid when a water main broke and several streets were buried under tons of mud, and tonight residents don't want to see a repeat. tonight in truckee, residents are nervously watching the waters rise. derrick shows us why they're being warned to be ready to evacuate. >> reporter: right now we are here in auburn, in placer county, down interstate 80, from truckee, where residents
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are preparing for the worst. it's big. powerful. and soon the truckee river is expected to come knocking. >> i'm definitely concerned. >> reporter: with the storm expected to dump rain like we haven't seen in possibly a decade or more, this river is now expected to swell towards homes. >> and it's a little surreal. here we are. it's like, all this water is going to come overnight? >> reporter: rick randalls lives just yards from the rushing water. water that is expected to come up possibly four feet over flood levels. creeping up to his home. >> in 2005, the water got to this top step here. and that was a lot of water. >> the prediction is that it's going to be higher than that tomorrow. >> reporter: so what can be done? short of moving a house, sand bags and prayers. >> the saying goes, the river taketh, the river giveth.
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>> reporter: she was worried about others. >> i think a few of our neighbors might have some issues. i'm concerned with them. >> reporter: homes that are a bit older, a bit too low, and water that could be way too high. the rain is expected throughout the night, filling this roaring river. the question is, what will happen tomorrow? >> it's all a prediction right now. tomorrow morning, we'll see what's going on. >> reporter: and tonight, last- minute preparations are being made on an evacuation center. the red cross is setting it up, along with the city of truckee. that is of course for anybody who needs it, to get away from those rushing river waters. all right. paul is back. and he's going to show us when this rain might move out and we'll have blue skies again. >> a little rain fatigue out there right now. we don't typically get four, five days of this heavy rainfall. we have been. but we're almost done. after tomorrow morning, we will get a break. one thing you will not,
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tomorrow, not only will it be raining, but it will be windy. a wind advisory is in effect until 10:00 tomorrow, primarily for the coast, our higher hilltops and also right on the bay, the central and south bay, likely seeing widespread wind gusts with rough surf as well. we'll see swells 15 to 20 feet. here's a look at the radar. it's not that wet right now. it was wet hours ago, but that was a tiny wave that moved in. so san mateo, redwood city, sunnyvale, south san francisco, daly city, you were very wet earlier. look at that, not part of a break to our north. very heavily rainfall once again. that's the front that will give us a solid soaking tomorrow. specifics on our flood warnings, they're expecting a crest of 35 feet, three feet above flood stage for the russian river at guerneville. the waters will be rising for about the next day and a half.
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the napa river at st. helena, a crest expected earlier, two feet above flood stage, at lunchtime tomorrow. we are washing the napa, the petaluma, and also the russian river. i'm kind of amazed that we've had this fire hose of moisture from mother nature for about four or five straight days. there's one more wave of low pressure that's going to move through, then that fire hose will go away, and higher pressure will begin to move in. we have one more low pressure area building in our west and it's going to be headed in our direction overnight. it will be here tomorrow morning. it will be wet, windy. urban and street flooding will be likely. then after that, it's all over. high pressure will build in. and we thankfully will begin to dry out, but not until after another soaker. rainfall totals. new information every hour and everywhere in the bay area will receive another inch to an inch and a half.
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hayward, you'll get 1.5. two inches for pleasanton, inch and a half for santa cruz. one and a half for santa rosa. nearly two more inches of rain for san rafael. tomorrow morning, very wet, windy. by tomorrow afternoon, that's when we'll begin to clear things out. i think we'll see sunshine even before sunset tomorrow. mid 60's tomorrow for oakland. 62, concord. 63, san jose. san ramon, your high, a wet 62. it will be soggy in the morning. in the north bay, san rafael, 62. extended forecast, you want a break? you get a break! monday, we're dry. just a few showers tuesday and wednesday. then later in the week, sunshine comes back. so one more round of that heavy rainfall but then we'll be finished. >> we'll look forward to that. >> we've earned it. >> thank you much. well, a former member of the cal varsity rowing team is being remembered in a powerful way. today one of her friends
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completed a cross-country run in her honor. >> reporter: this is the end of a long journey. kelsey harrison, jogging with the support of 100 friends. she came across the golden gate after running all the way from new york to san francisco. it was a mission of love for her friend, til costello, who died from lung cancer in 2010. that inspired her teammates and best friend kelsey decided to run for awareness. a total of four months and almost 3,000 miles. >> once i decided that i was going to do this, i knew i would finish. >> reporter: the run averaged about 30 miles a day and kelsey went through twelve pairs of running shoes, all to shine a spotlight on cancer, through rain, sleet and cold. >> there were definitely days that were super hard. 20-degree weather. >> reporter: the run raised more than $150,000 for cancer research. kelsey said her departed friend was beside her in memory and
11:20 pm
spirit. >> we had this really intense motivation, which was her memory and doing this for jill. >> reporter: it remains to be seen what kelsey's next goal will be. but if she was inspired by jill, she's also an inspiration to others. reporting from san francisco, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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...because the wisconsin, nebraska winner gets stanfo, why am i leading with the big 10 football championship? because the wisconsin-nebraska winner gets stanford in the rose bowl! the badgers, in red, may be
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only 7-and-5, but the huskers ran into a big ol' can of gordon. gordon goes 56 yards, weaving in and out for the touchdown. he had 216 yards for the night. up 35-10. quarterback james white ran for four touchdowns. threw for this one to sam. it was just a flat-out beat- down. wisconsin wins 70-31 over nebraska, just like in the year 2000. georgia-alabama, in white. winner to face notre dame. a.j. do cooper. time running out. ball deflected. caught by conley, who should have let it drop. alabama wins 32-28. they defend their national title against the irish january 7. sad news from the world
11:24 pm
of college basketball. coach rick majerus has died. he took the st. louis billikens. he passed away today after a lengthy heart condition. he was 64 years young. this is kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher involved in a murder-suicide. belcher shot and killed his girlfriend this morning at their home. minutes later, he drove to the headquarters and shot himself in front of the coach and general manager. the couple leave a three-year- old daughter. the chiefs will host the panthers tomorrow. the game will go on as scheduled. ahead, we'll try to lighten the mood a little bit. the w's trust me, you'll want to see this shot again and again. don't move!
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,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your golden state warriors.p 5 late in the hey, guess which nba team has a piece of first place in the pacific division? your golden state warriors! up five late first half against indiana. curry, just two of his 20 for
11:28 pm
the night. look at this. david lee, offensive rebound. clay thompson, yes, sir, he had 22 points. final seconds of the third, here comes jared jack. good if it goes! 18 joins for jack. the warriors now 10-and-6, tied for first in the pacific division. 103-92, the final. all right. houston dynamo, a handball, against the l.a. galaxy, galaxy won their second straight mls cup, 3-1. it was david beckham's final mls game. that is victor with the pick 6. 21st straight ncs crown. they win it 52-7. in
11:29 pm
volleyball, state championship against martin luther king riverside. the no. 2 team in the nation completes an undefeated season at 38-and- 0, winning a straight set in division two. and from the world of boxing, no doubt, in a unanimous decision, over miguel cotto, 12 rounds tonight, he retains his 154-pound title. we get the ravens and the steelers. of course, we will have the fifth quarter. right here on cbs 5. we'll be back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch,
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we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. well, we have some pictures out of dublin, where apparently it's raining. are you shocked and surprised? >> it has been raining, past tense. it is raining, present tense. guess what? future tense, it will be raining. look at all this mess up to our north and west. look at the hi-def doppler. we have a lot of rainfall to get through before we can giver the all clear, but by tomorrow evening, this will be gone after a day of heavy rain and we will be able to say all clear tomorrow night. but we're not there yet. >> we've been warned. we can get through it. thanks so much for watching.
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our news updates are on good night!
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hey. hey. what are you doing home? linda is spending time with her son tonight. apparently, she's one of those single moms that puts her kid first. the bitch. you're just saying that 'cause our mom put us third. fourth after she got the datsun 280-z. so whatcha you doing? paying our household bills. you're a good wife, alan.

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